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banner was designed and made by Kijho Techbologies LLC with collaboration from Dealer License Group. Inc. We are a software development company that is focused on the needs of the Automotive Industry. Kijho Technologies, LLC is also developing the next generation of dealer software. Our latest product, currently helps Wholesale dealers meet their new record keeping and police book requirements electronically.

For Indiana Wholesale Dealers:

Senate Bill SB537 was signed into law on April 26th 2013 and became law on July 1st 2013. Among many new changes, this bill now requires that all Indiana Wholesale Dealers have their last 2 year’s records at their office and available for inspection during posted business hours. Since most wholesale dealers rely on hosting facilities, they spend little time in their office,’s mobile feature allows wholesalers to transmit their transaction records to their office in a flash. also helps you control your business by keeping track of your inventory, purchases, expenses and sales.

For Michigan Wholesale Dealers:

House Bill 5668 was passed into Law on December 28th 2012 with an effective date of March 28th 2013. This bill now requires all W license holders to have a police book, either electronic or paper, along with all the documents from the purchase and sale of any vehicle.


This software was custom designed to make sure that all Wholesale dealers have an inexpensive yet technically advanced mobile way to maintain their records. Our online software allows you to enter vehicles information to your account from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world. Selling vehicles directly to dealers is a breeze. prints your bill of sale right on the system. Load your logo and will print it on all of your reports and documents helping you look professional.


Many different features are on the works and we are relying on you to tell us what you want from your experience. Please feel free to send us an email with any suggestions you might have to improve the flow of the system at


We created to be easy to use:


  • Easily upload critical documents like bill of sales, title copies both for the sale of the car and the purchase.
  • generates your bill of sale when you sell a car to a dealer directly.
  • Keeping track of your expenses is quick and easy.
  • Simply log on to your account on and enter your purchased vehicles’ VIN and fill in all the needed information.
  • Take a picture of the car, bill of sale, title, expense receipts and load them on to your account right from your smart phone device.
  • Print or Email the bill of sale to you dealer. also prints out bill of sales for private individual purchases. (For states allowing Wholesale dealers to buy from the general public)
  • Always have your records handy and ready at a moments notice.
  • Epolicebook.comkeeps track of your vehicles by stock number, days in inventory, expenses, etc. Data like this can be valuable in making purchasing decisions.


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